Model house in green grass

Environmental policy

"Through sustainable development we endeavour to create new communities for today and the future. Using our skills and consultation with our design teams we aspire to enhance the environment in which we are working and secure it for the future".

In order to achieve and support the above statement, we have set out a framework within which to operate and we have set benchmarks against which we will be able to assess our environmental management performance. Through this document we aim to explain the measures in place and outline our intentions for the future.

Ethical Sourcing & Efficient Use of Resources

Grass house shape

Revitalisation of Land & Sustainable Developments

It must be appreciated that the population of England and Wales has increased by 400,000 per year over the last 10 years, according to the Office of National Statistics in Sept 2012, and the house builders do have to find sufficient land to sensibly house the increasing population.

Energy Efficient Design

Model house next to energy efficiency ratings



All our sub-contractors work in a way that retains and protects any existing habitats.